Music App

Mood G

An Emotion-Driven Playlist Generator

Mood G is a Mobile Application that generates your individual playlist through a personal emotion set up.
The Music Industry produces an enormous amount of information through Lyrics and the music artists. Like every art genre, music mirrors the personal point of the interprets as well as the current historical zeitgeist. We are able to travel in time and space by selecting different artists/bands all over the world. This app adds an emotional layer and might make you more conscious of the world inside you.

Tech meets Creativity

Music is the Art of Expressing Emotions.
All available data around music comes together in one application: Song-Lyrics, Artist Biographies, Concerts, and personal milestones, as well as Zeitgeist events.

The addition of historical Zeitgeist Events and Artists/Band Events make a holistic music consumer product. A smart use of that information, simplified and categorized into the 5 core Emotion led to smart application that goes beyond the typical music consumption.


A feeling of lightness when your needs are met.


A strong feeling of displeasure that leads to action.


A trigger through the loss of sth./sb. highly valued.


A feeling of discomfort perceived with our physical senses.


A negative emotion that  mobilizes us to cope with danger.

Data Setup + Management

The Music Consumer Expectations and Technologies are changing faster than our ability to serve them. This playlist application might quench their thirst for background information.

Unfortunately the available data is widely scattered all over the world.

Data Crunch
Different set of data are waiting to get crunched. A Structural Hygiene keeps the service healthy give order and form the basis for a constant flow of information.

Visual Design doesn't starts where the tech phase ends. Available Data becomes useful the moment design acts with empathy for the consumer needs.