Innovation Application

Form Base

Innovation Application

Form Base guides teams through an innovative Culture Centered Design Process. Discover perspectives. Stay on track and fact check your decisions along the path.

FormBase - Tech meets Creativity

A new project starts with an idea, an initial. Ideas grow from scratch and become complex. Quality comes with knowledge and order. Analyzing the collected information takes a lot of time during the research phase.
Especially, if the complex situation appears as though the team needs to keep track of the whole process. Here is a need to manage it. Technology of data analysis is a long way ahead and lays the foundation for a this new design process application.

The FormBase Icon is a metaphor for a power button of a data-driven device - the initial of innovation.

The ray line icon is a connection line with a starting point that extends infinitely in one direction. The first dot is an initial point.

The power button Icon is a symbol indicating that a control activates a particular device. The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) decided that the symbols to be used for power on and power off would be “I” and “O,” respectively. The “I” represents the binary 1, meaning on, whereas the “O” represents the binary 0, meaning off.

The word sign is a neologism and consists of „form“ and „base“. „form“ refers to the magazine FORM and to the traditional quote „form follows function“. Luckily, modern methodologies in data science and analytics, changed my point of view on design thinking. Form should not just follow the function, rather than facts of all data collected. Let's say form follows facts.

Design Thinking Engine

The innovative Culture Centered Design Process is focused on a defined culture and discovers essential insights to let you create things that matter. It is one step backward from the state of the art human-centered thinking method to get a bigger picture of the whole cultural sphere; Through the eyes of semiotic analysis we see our target group as sign user within their system.

Like Semioticians, we attempt to define culture from another perspective as type of symbolic activity, creation of signs and a way of giving meaningCulture is understood a system of signs that need to be interpreted to useful insights.

Learn more about our philosophy of Semiotic Analysis or the Culture Centered Design Process.

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Project Setup + Management

By having a clear vision of the end in mind, we set up an intuitive compass for the upcoming journey. Keeping the end in mind helps to develop solutions for unexpected challenges.

Why is the essential representation behind the brand and the business, the product or services. With the right why you inspire the people, and that inspiring can be infectious and becomes a cult?

How does the results from your team and the way how can you transfer your vision into action and how does it gets interpreted?
How does it become special and does it sets you apart from your competition?

What is "simply" about the solution we are going to work on!

Target Group

The market is much more complex, than expected. Therefore, this process takes culture to the core element and the overall influence of your upcoming design decisions. Your target user is seen as a barrier of a culture, who will be defined beyond demographic aspects. The society is the sum of all human individuals or collectives. A precise observation will lead to great insights.

UX Cockpit

Understanding human interaction is the most difficult task. This section hands over a compass to keep on track, outline all characteristics for a more detailed orientation. A selfmade map allows to represent the complexity of a product/service story and the knowledge of your team. An interdisciplinary team work offers a perfect symbiosis to find an innovation.

Product and Market Analytics

The relationship between a brand and a consumer is like friendships. Jennifer Aaker created a model, which defines a set of human characteristics to personify brand corporate identities. This concept is well known and often used in marketing studies and market research. Here, we take brand personality to a product/service level.

Dared Studio developed a the Big Five of Product Personality and create a comparable traits to all kind of products or services.


To get the full image of your target culture, this section generates relevant content that fits your definition. You will be able to filter user generated content through different media channels: facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and blogs. Select the channel you want to browse. If you find something interesting, you can mark it and give it a label, like in the middle (influencer). you can choose between two views: browsing or show all selected marks.