Urban FairyTale


Urban FairyTale by Dared

The Streets of Berlin are filled with overwhelming impressions. Thousands of brands & individuals fight for attention to attract their audience. We collaborate with an experienced street artist under the synonym: Dared, to add something special to the urban landscape.

Pop Art meets Streetart

To Develop a character is one thing, but to create a distinctive berlin street art icon is pure passion. We are very proud to be well known all over the world and grow together with our characters, whenever we find the time to do so.

A Fox like Faye is meant to be loved.
Not Understood.

Actually, the fairy fox named Faye is the second Character of Dared. The love is big, that's how she got the most attention at the moment. We believe the old icon of berlin: the "Berliner Bär" is no longer contemporary. Once upon a time the Berliner needs to be masculine, strong and scary to survive. Nowadays, the Berliner has to be more tricky and smart, like all foxes in traditional folklores around the globe. Why is the fox female? Well, look around and take a guess who rules the city. Obviously, the future is female.


More Impressions are coming soon.